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The best file hosting provider in 2020. Here you will find all information about the test winner and how you can get started right away. As a user, you have the option to choose between a restricted, free account and a premium account. The premium account offers you many outstanding features, such as the immediate high-speed download of files without waiting, including unlimited parallel uploads and downloads – all without advertising.


See all Uploaded Premium Accounts at a glance

48 hours

  • 48 hours Premium Membership
  • No Bonus Coupon
  • 500 Bonus Points*
  • Price: 4,99€

1 Month

  • 1 Month Premium Membership
  • + 48 hours Coupon
  • 1000 Bonus Points*
  • Price: 9,99€

3 Months

  • 3 Months Membership
  • + 48 hours Coupon
  • 2000 Bonus Points*
  • Price: 24,99€

6 Months

  • 6 Months Membership
  • + 1 Month Coupon
  • 6000 Bonus Points*
  • Price: 39,99€

1 Year

  • 1 Year Membership
  • + 3 Months Coupon
  • 7000 Bonus Points*
  • Price: 69,99€

2 Years

  • 2 Years Membership
  • + 3 Months Coupon
  • 9000 Bonus Points*
  • Price: 99,99€



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Uploaded Premium

Uploaded is the worldwide industry leading One-Click-Filehoster with best of its class premium features. All users can choose between a free account, which offes a limited feature-set and a featured out Uploaded Premium Account. With the Premium Account you get access to all of the innovative features, such as instant and ad-free access to the file-downloader, which offers unlimited parallel up- and download speeds. Premium Account Options

Premium Account Options (Source: – 2015)

*Bonus Poits

When purchasing a Premium Account, you will get so called Premium Points. You can use these Points to extend your Uploaded Account – free of extra charge. In order to extend your Membership for an extra month, you need the amount of 10.000 Premium Points. You can also earn extra Points through our Affiliate Programm.

Coupon Codes

We will also gift you a coupon for an extra free month of premium membership!
You can utilize it in order to extend your own membership or you make a beloved one a super nice present and give it away – its up to you!


Get a free Premium Coupon when purchasing an Premium Account! Premium Features

As a Premium User you gain access to Uploadeds Remote-Uploader, which enables you to transfer all the files which you might be hosting on other File-Hosters in no time at speeds up to 100MB/second on to your new Uploaded Premium Account – fast and reliable.
Another great feature is the unlimited storage of your uploaded files. Our system makes sure that all your files are safe – now and in the future and thanks to our trusty file-manager you’ll always have the perfect overview over all of your files.
Wanna make an extra buck with your files? No problem – simply join our affiliate programm!

Premium Features:

  • Remote-Upload-Functionality with speeds up to 100MB/second
  • Unlimited storage-periods of your uploaded files
  • Innovative File-Manager
  • Smartphone support
  • Affiliate-Programm
  • Bonus-Point System Android App

With our new Android app you can now use all of our premium features when you are out on the road – anytime and from anywhere! It doesn’t matter if you’re currently on a free account or if you already have the fully featured premium membership, you get full access through the app. Gain full access to your files through your smartphone and trigger up- and downloads while you are out and about. Need access to your pictures, movies or that one piece of music you want to show around? No problem – with our app you gain access from anywhere at anytime. Want to have a quick look at your affiliate stats? You can do that too, all in the app.
The app is now available through the Google Play Store.

Alle App Features at a glance:

  • Get access to your file-manager
  • Quickly upload pictures from your photo-gallery
  • Full access to your cloud-storage through your smartphone
  • Download files directly to your smartphone
  • Quickly create, rename and move files and folders – right from your phone
  • Share links to your files and folders
  • Manage your Account Details and your Premium Points